About Us

  Many people ask me where I got the idea to start this travel guide. The answer is simple, “If I have been driving this interstate (VT 89) for 30 years and I am not sure if the next exit has a gas station (my gas light was on at the time), then how are all the other travelers suppose to know?”  I took a chance and got off Exit 6 in Barre, coasted down the long four mile exit ramp and luckily at the end of the hill was a gas station. Whew! Once I filled up and continued driving south on I-89, I stopped at the Randolph Rest Area which was filled with tourists. It was June and school had just gotten out. The proverbial light bulb went on. All these travelers needed to know what amenities were available at each exit.

A no billboard law, passed in 1968 designed to nurture Vermont’s  beautiful nature, did it’s job. But left tourists clueless about what each exit had to offer.

Appreciating the spectacular views  directly from both I89 and I91, I set out to learn what indeed was off each exit. I hit the jackpot! In my search for the basics (gas stations, rest rooms, and eating places), I discovered that each exit is it’s own destination with more to offer than I had ever imagined.

There is so much to do and see. Of course each exit has it’s own town, community and local businesses. All different, but all welcoming and so interesting! I knew I was on to something when time and time again Vermonters came to me expressing a surprising delight in these publications.   Copies have been requested near and far, for weddings and for weekend trips with out of town visitors. You will be amazed at what lies ahead of you at the end of an exit ramp.  Whether stopping for a quick cup of coffee or looking for the nearest covered bridge, we hope to guide you through.

So enjoy The Vermont 89 and 91 Travel Guides and let the journey begin!

Monica Richardson DiCarolis